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Dr. Lyne Piché offers workshops on various topics related to sexuality, relationships & Forensic Psychology (e.g. risk assessment, assessment and treatment within correctional settings).  Workshops may be one hour, one day or multiple days.  The following are examples of possible workshops that you may wish to provide to your organization.  Please contact Dr. Piché to discuss your particular needs. 

Available Workshops

1) Protecting Children from Sexual Predators

This workshop is 2 hours in length.  The target audience is parents, caregivers and other adults who are responsible for children.  This workshop is not tailored for children.  

Please contact Dr. Piché for more details.

2) Sexual Intimacy within your Relationship

This workshop is 3 hours in length.  The target audience is couples who are wishing to explore themes of marital satisfaction, communication and intimacy.  This workshop includes discussions about sexual health, sexual communication and sexual satisfaction.   

Please contact Dr. Piché at for more details.

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